What does the trust do?

Founding philosophy

Martina Milburn the chief exec of the Prince's trust has stated of Sir Fred Goodwin, ".. in terms of his role at the Prince's Trust he has done an outstanding job", but other people claim that during Sir Fred's chairmanship, his position had become too safe and possibly he lost sight of its essential philosophy and principles".

Charles Dunstone has been a significant fundraiser for the Prince's Trust and as a consequence is one of its Enterprise Fellows. Dunstone has been a member of the Prince's Trust council since the early 2000s.

Under Charles Dunstone The Council was reworked in 2010 with a considerable reduction in the amount of Trustees, halving it from 12 to 6. The Prince's Trust does not make known the basis on which appointments to the Council are made. The Council now is made up of Peter Cruddas, Heather Hancock, Michael Marks and also Lloyd Dorfman CBE. As with Charles Dunstone, Peter Cruddas is an Enterprise Fellow of the Prince's Trust. This means that they are large donors, with Peter Cruddas having recently donated £1.5 million.

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What does the trust do?

The Prince's Trust hopes to work with young people from priority target groups. These are the unemployed, those who have been in trouble legally, people who are in hardship at school, and people who have spent time in care. These people are considered by the Trust as "disadvantaged". A number of young people who are employed go on some Trust courses. Referred to as the employed participants scheme, it is used as an education and development opportunity (to help the employee's skills), as extra support to the scheme's young people (the employed participants function as additional mentors or assistance to young people) and as a fundraising initiative (as the employer provides a training fee for their member to attend).

Prince Charles founded The Prince's Trust and is now the president, a figurehead role with no legal responsibility. The Prince's Trust Council have become the trustees of the charity and are responsible for management, admin and policy.

Charles Dunstone was made Chairman of the Prince's Trust Council in July 2009 after the departure of Fred Goodwin who had been Chair from July 2003. It was stated that Sir Fred was going to end to be chairman of the Prince's Trust Council when his term came to an end, but he was said to still have the backing of the Prince of Wales. The end of his chairmanship was noted by lunch with the Prince at Clarence House.

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